Channel Guide


Channel Video


Zee Cafe


Symbol rate: 27.5Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3700MHz V
Zee TV Middle East
Zee Studio
Zee TV South East Asia
Zee Trendz
Zee Malay
MGM International
MPEG-2/DVB (free-to-air)


Symbol rate: 4.45 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3725MHz V
Zee Action MPEG-2/DVB


Symbol rate: 6.5 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3733MHz V
Zee Classic
Zee Premier
Zee News
Fashion TV MPEG-2


Symbol rate: 2.626 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3745MHz V


Symbol rate: 2.82 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3750MHz V


Symbol rate:4.4179Msym/sec

FEC: 7/8
3755.15MHz V

(encrypted except Star Utsav)


Symbol rate: 28.1 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3780MHz V

National Geographic India
STAR WORLD Middle East
STAR MOVIES (Middle East)
STAR WORLD Philippines
FOX Sports Middle East


Symbol rate: 27.5 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3860MHz V



STAR SPORTS South East Asia

ESPN India

ESPN Philippines
STAR PLUS Middle East MPEG-2/DVB (encrypted)
Symbol rate: 28.1 Msym/sec
FEC: 3/4
3940MHz V
STAR NEWS India (Hong Kong)
Nat Geo Adventure MPEG-2/DVB (encrypted)
Symbol rate: 28.1 Msym/sec
FEC: 3/4
3980MHz V
History /
Nat Geo Adventure

STAR PLUS Pakistan
Channel [V] India


Sahara Filmy MPEG-2/DVB (free-to-air except Sahara One, Sahara Filmy)
Symbol rate: 27.25 Msym/sec
FEC: 3/4
4020MHz V
Samay National
Samay NCR
Samay Mumbai
Samay Uttar Pradesh
Sahara Samay Bihar
Samay Madhya Pradesh
PTV Home MPEG-2/DVB (free-to-air)
Symbol rate: 13.333 Msym/sec
FEC: 3/4
4091MHz V
PTV News
AVT Khyber
Radio Pakistan
PBC Larkana
PTV Global MPEG-2/DVB (encrypted)
Symbol rate:
2.893 Msym/sec
FEC: 3/4
4102.1MHz V
PTV National MPEG-2/DVB (free-to-air)
Symbol rate:
9.333 Msym/sec
FEC: 3/4
4111.5MHz V
Zee Music Asia MPEG-2/DVB
(encrypted except Zee Music Asia, Zee Smile)


Symbol rate: 27.5 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
4140MHz V
Zee News
Zee Punjabi
Zee Gujarati
Zee Bangla
Zee Marathi
Zee Cinema Asia
Zee Smile
Zee Business
Channel Siti
CETV MPEG-2/DVB (free-to-air)


Symbol rate:26.67Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3680MHz H
Maharishi Channel
Channel NewsAsia MPEG-2/DVB (free-to-air)

Symbol rate: 6 Msym/sec
FEC: 3/4

3706MHz H
Asia Plus MPEG-2/DVB


Symbol rate: 7 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3715.5MHz H


Symbol rate: 13.65 Msym/sec

FEC: 3/4
3729MHz H
(free-to-air except Eurosport Asia, Eurosport Pacific and Eurosport News)


Symbol rate: 26 Msym/sec

FEC: 7/8
3760MHz H

Bloomberg TV Asia

Muslim TV Ahmadiyya
Aljazeera International
French speaking TV5
Deutsche Welle TV (DW-TV) of Germany
Eurosport Asia
Eurosport Pacific
Eurosport News

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